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Award Rubber

The Award Bollard

The Safest and Most Resistant Bollard


Most bollards currently on the market may, on impact with a vehicle, become a
dangerous projectile or damage the vehicle. Thanks to its optimal balance between
toughness and flexibility, the AWARD bollard is not too resistant to harm a cyclist on
impact, or too flexible to permit vandalism or abuse (such as being used as a projectile launcher). Its innovate design and material selection eliminates the need for an extra system to render the bollard flexible. (With its capacity to absorb shocks, the AWARD bollard deforms without breaking, making it safer for people and vehicles).

Highly Visible

With its reflective bands and circular shape, the AWARD bollards offers maximum visibility 360 around. It clearly delimits any road-works traffic deviation or obstacle,day or night.




Manufactured from high quality polyurethane, the AWARD bollard is weather and ultraviolet resistant. It is lightweight, easy to carry and requires no maintenance.


Flexible Design



The AWARD bollard can be anchored permanently, installed with a fast release system or used with a detachable base. Easily installed, it can be quickly removed for winter storage or road works.




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