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Award's Submersible Electric Set-Screw Connector - Highlights

Connection degradation in electrical distribution networks is currently an important problem. Various elements (oxidizing, galvanic corrosion, fretting and thermal dilatation) contribute to the degradation, often resulting in the premature failing of the connection.

Electrical connectors' designs have evolved very little in the last 20 years. Our innovative connector (1) (patent pending) replaces a wide range of connectors currently available on the market, including aluminum set-screw (2) and copper bus bar models (3). Our connector is rated for 600v, up to 750 amps, and will enable standardization of products by eliminating bus bar connectors (also simplifying installation by eliminating the extensive hardware required). Our connector is truly in a class by itself, offering genuine improvement to electrical connections, that we are confident will revolutionize the industry.


Fits any cables sizes from 3-0 to 750 KcMil (4).
Reduced number of components (from 31 to 13 for the 6 cavities model)

Increased connection efficiency
Screw-type connectors currently available on the market use screws that apply pressure on concentrated single points, thereby inducing permanent deformation and reducing the integrity of the cable and the quality of the contact (5-6-7). Bus bar-type connector require the use of an adaptor that is compressed with cumbersome hydraulic equipment. Our connector benefits from a metallic shoe that evenly distributes the pressure applied by the screw (8-9). The resulting improved contact reduces electric resistivity of the connector, thus reducing heat generation. Because less heat is produced, the connector can be used for higher voltages applications.

Simplified installation
Installation is faster and greatly simplified, as the cable fits into the guide and is then perfectly fitted in the chamber.

The connector is totally enclosed in rubber to ensure complete water tightness. Rubber is bounded to the metal, which i) individually seals each chamber, ii) reduces water infiltration, and iii) prohibits water migration to adjacent chambers. This is an important feature, as water is sucked by electrical cables. If water comes from a cable, it can be transmitted to other cables via the connector.

Improved Security
Connectors currently available on the market all have some exposed metallic parts. Because of this, security protection (screen, isolated tools) is required for the operator when working on assembling the connector under charge. Our connector is designed in such a way that no metallic part is openly exposed at anytime. Electrical shock and electric spark hazards are thus eliminated. This puts our connector in a class by itself, as there are no security apparatus required. Finally, the use of plastic blots eliminates requirement of a cap to protect the bolt.

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